Nikolas Poniros


Hi there, my name is Nikolas and I'm a web developer living and working in Germany. I am currently employed at JSperts, where I spend most of my days as a consultant and trainer.

In my spare time I like to read and work on open source software.


BookmarksManager: Offline (via appcache and indexeddb) bookmarks manager for the browser. Can be combined with SyncClient and SyncServer to enable synchronization accross multiple devices.

SyncServer: A simple server which can be used to synchronize data from multiple devices. It uses a file based database so the synchronized data can also be used with a versioning control application.

SyncClient: Module using IndexedDB to save data and can later use a server to synchronize the data in the database with other devices. It is meant to be used with SyncServer but you could also implement a custom backend.


Author of Angular 2 Kochbuch, a german cookbook for Angular 2. The goal of the book is to enable Angular 2 newcomers to write a simple application by providing easy to follow recipes which solve a specific problem.